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The origin of Schumi Transport s.r.o. dates back to 1999, when the company  „Autodoprava Michal Kašper“ was founded. In 2005 the company expanded its sphere of activity to providing international haulage.

Schumi Transport s.r.o. was established in December 2005 due to the large increase in turnover. Schumi transport specializes in the international haulage. Schumi Transport Ltd. provides annually over 5000 shipments.

We deal with full loads transport, international haulage and other services relating to transport (ADR transport, warehousing, truck transport and express transport).

We create tailored transport and logistic solutions with respect to optimizing of traffic flow and minimum costs.

We provide professional approach to each order. Our team of experienced professionals is always available and offers qualified expert advice and solutions of all logistics requirements.

Since 15.1.2019 we are holders of the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001.

Schumi Transport s.r.o. - international haulage, full load transport, truck transport, transport- and logistic solution ::